shower after cbd oil massage

Asking for a friend: Should you shower after a CBD massage?

Few spa treatments compare to the ultra relaxing CBD oil massage. That’s probably why we’re seeing so many more options pop up for getting a CBD oil massage in NYC. Some places, like spa in Jersey City, believe in the restorative power of massage oil with this compound so much that they’ve made it a standard (not an extra change) in all of their massages. But you could be undermining the stress-busting effects of your treatment if you’re hopping in the shower after a CBD oil massage.

You’re probably used to rinsing off after your standard monthly massage. After all, massage oil is relaxing during your treatment but a little to slick for the rest of your day. But should you shower after a CBD massage? Absolutely not, if possible. That’s because you’re cutting short how much time the CBD oil has to absorb through your skin. That means you might be getting a smaller dose than possible.

shower after a cbd oil massage woman in towel

Caroline Hernandez

Getting your CBD through massage allows the compound to bypass digestion, Mark Gould, a CBD expert and massage therapist at, explains. But it’s the effects of this CBD oil that “supercharge” the effects of the massage, he notes. He already explained to Dirt in depth why that CBD massage feels like it works so much better than supplements like tinctures and capsules. Essentially, you want to extend the amount of time the CBD oil has to sink into your skin. That will mean more health benefits for you.

When can you shower after a CBD oil massage?

If you’re getting a massage in the afternoon or evening, simply try to wait until the morning after to shower. Rinsing off in the evening after a morning massage also works. But don’t stress too much about the timing. When your skin is dry to the touch, you’ve probably absorbed as much of the CBD oil as you can.

It might not feel as great of a benefit as the effects of CBD oil, but you’ll also get a good hydration treatment. If you have any underlying conditions that affect your skin, it’s a good way to counter the skin-drying side effects. (Or you can also try one of these treatments to fight dry skin with hypothyroidism.)

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