Drama-Free Fitness

There’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to working out. What fitness tips are you supposed to believe when they say opposite things? Let us cut through the BS and tell you what hard science and trained experts say is best. But we don’t mean what’s best as a gym-goer, we mean what’s best for you as a unique person whose body works differently from everyone else’s.

Fitness tips without the drama

We’ll tell you what’s hype and what’s real. We’ll break down weight lifting for women and tell you why it might not be a bad thing if the weight you lift drops. But we’ll also answer those burning questions you have like: how much cardio should I do to lose weight? We dug into the subject and we’re dishing out tailored guides to your body and your needs.

We also won’t oversell anything. We won’t promise 5 pounds of weight loss in the first week, leaving you disappointed when it doesn’t happen. These fitness tips are for building better habits. The habits that will break your love-hate cycle with the gym and actually help you finally hit your goals. After all, that’s what you’ve deserved all along.

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