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I said no to the drama, to trying to hate my body into a form I could actually like. I said no to putting myself last and relationships that took without giving back. I said no to people, to opportunities, and even to myself…and you should too.


I could tell you what foods to eat. I could, but that’s not the point.

I’ve written about nutrition and weight loss for years. I’ve read just about every weight loss and diet book on the market. I’ve read the studies those “diet gurus” cited in their books and then the studies that countered everything the guru told you to do.

I could tell you what to eat, but that won’t fix the problem.

Telling you what foods to eat isn’t my focus because you already know most of them. If you’ve gotten this far, I know you’ve read enough of those diet books and weight loss articles to quote back to me at least three different books that all contradict each other.

I could hand you a menu right now, but I’m not going to because you don’t have a problem with knowing. You have a problem with doing.

So did I.

Get your mind right and your goals will follow.

Say no to the weird diets that demonize food groups. Say no to any plan that claims the key to weight loss is “detoxing.” Say no to losing and gaining the same 10, 30, 50 pounds time and time again. That’s all pointless drama, and it never got you to your goals. Once and for all, say no to the drama.

Do this with me. Change your mind, change your life, achieve your goals once and for all. I’ll be here when you want to get started.

Let’s talk about where you want to go…

If you’re ready to break free of the dieting cycle that leaves you hungry, frustrated, and nowhere closer to your goals, send me an email. If you want to nail that job negotiation, stabilize your finances, or grow your side hustle so you can finally leave your 9-to-5, reach out. Let’s talk about getting to the root of what’s going on and get you on the road to who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

Send me an email. Let’s get to know each other.