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Amazon has these beauty and health gadgets on discount for Black Friday

The Black Friday 2018 deals have already kicked off. Now’s the perfect time to snag beauty and health gadgets for yourself or for holidays gifts. Amazon has some of the best and most beloved on deep discount, and they’re letting you get in on the deals now. Here are some of the best of their early access beauty deals. Snag what you want, save some cash, and kick off some self-care now. There’s no reason to wait until the New Year to start new habits.

Dirt did some digging on beauty and health gadgets that stand up to the hype. These deals are on products that not only boost your health in some way but also win loyal fans. Check out how they can help you live a little better each day, and what their fans are saying about them. Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive with these Black Friday 2018 deals.

Black Friday 2018 deals on beauty and health gadgets

Creating a self-care routine isn’t about doing everything. It’s about taking care of yourself a little bit more, a little bit better when you can. Whether you’re looking to add one beauty item or health gadget into your routine or 3, now’s the time to invest. Some of the Black Friday 2018 deals that you’ll find on Amazon are beyond-affordable. Check out Dirt’s favorites of the deals below.


URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Eliminating chemicals and endocrine disruptors from your home can be a daunting process. One of the easiest places to start is swapping out your candles and air fresheners with essential oils. Unlike the synthetic versions, which are loaded with phthalates, essential oils are just natural oils from plants. A diffuser will fill your home with delicious scents without all the chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body over time.

This particular essential oil diffuser has over 8,000 5-star reviews. Users love that it holds more water than other models on the market and puts out a stronger mist. (Read: You’ll really be able to smell your favorite essential oils.) The few people who have had problems with their diffusers raved about the customer service they received in response. They’re affordable enough to stock up for holiday gifts without the markdown, but who can say no to a good Black Friday deal? (You can also grab a 1000ml version with a remote control for just a couple dollars more.)

URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, Save 21%


MoKo Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

We could all do with better sleep habits. One easy way to log more and deeper sleep is to cut down on the amount of blue light you see in the evenings. This dimmable desk lamp not only allows you to turn down the brightness but also alter the temperature of the light. That means as the day goes on you can dial down the blue tones in favor of red tones, which don’t disrupt sleep. Maybe you’re not ready to pull the trigger on blue blocker glasses yet. Think of this as a first step to weaning yourself off that electronic glow.

We love the 1-hour timer feature. The lamp will automatically turn off after 60 minutes if you turn it on with this setting. (You can turn it on regularly if you plan to work longer than an hour, of course.) The money-saving benefit is wonderful — why pay for electricity you’re not using? — but we also love that it acts as a simple work timer. Set it, focus on getting work done, and log off once the light turns off. It’s an easy way to get yourself to work in concentrated intervals.

MoKo Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Save 15%


Parasonic Dental Water Flosser

Channel your inner Jonathan Van Ness and snag this high-tech tool to upgrade your smile. The Queer Eye star swears by and frequently recommends water flossers for their unparalleled cleaning ability. Plus, using water to clean is much more pleasant than using a piece of mint-flavored string. Say goodbye to tender gums and lying to your dentist when they ask if you’ve been flossing regularly. You have one body and one set of teeth, it’s time to finally take care of them. But this Black Friday 2018 deal might just make forming this daily dental habit a little less daunting.

Reviews claim it’s amazing what comes out with this dental water flosser, even after you’ve flossed regularly. The product boasts 10 different settings so it’s easy to find what works and feels best for you personally. Plus, customers love that it holds 20 ounces of water so you’re not constantly refilling the tank. But here’s the real standout with this model: The Black Friday 2018 deals make it available for 37% off. That means you’re saving a whopping $36.

Parasonic Dental Water Flosser, Save 37%


1byone Body Fat Bathroom Scale

First things first: Most methods, especially at-home methods, of measuring body fat are flawed. But that doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose. While you shouldn’t think this scale will tell you your exact body fat percentage, it’s a useful tool for measuring progress. Use the regular scale and body fat scale functions to measure progress and watch for trends. After all, losing body fat is losing body fat, even if the exact numbers are slightly off. If there’s one thing this Black Friday 2018 deal can teach you it’s that it’s about progress, not an exact number.

You can also log 10 different users on this scale, so multiple people can track their own progress. Maybe you and your significant other want to lose weight or lean down together. A support network is one of the biggest factors in long-term success if you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off. With this scale, you can both track your progress in one place.

1byone Body Fat Bathroom Scale, Save 43%


VentiFresh Odor Neutralizer

Although most people use this odor neutralizer specifically for their cat’s litter box, you can also use it for your garbage. Ditch the chemical-laden candles and room sprays and simply get rid of the odors instead. (Rethink those garbage bags that come with nice smells. They have chemicals that can absorb through your skin in them.) VentiFresh uses UV light to eliminate odor-causing compounds and has been certified safe for not only human but also pet eyes.

There are some limitations with this health gadget, although most customers rave about the odor-eliminating effects. You’ll need to have an outlet close by for this to work, which may mean shuffling the placement of your cat litter box. Cat owners claim it’s well worth the effort. Even better, there’s no need to buy expensive replacement filters for this product. So while it seems a bit pricey, you see all the cost of the product upfront and save since it’s part of Amazon’s Black Friday 2018 deals.

VentiFresh Odor Neutralizer, Save 21%


Moji Heated Massage Balls

There are a couple things that work wonders on sore muscles. We don’t always have the time or money for a CBD massage and sometimes you need more than CBD topicals to work out those bigger muscle knots. That’s where these heated massage balls come in. They’re like a foam roller and a heat pad combined, and you can use them easily at home. Plus, they’re the most portable of all the Black Friday 2018 deals. You can easily bring them on vacation or pop them in your gym bag to help with warming up.

Work on sore feet or dig into and soothe back knots simultaneously while you watch TV. You can also get those shoulder knots to finally loosen up by leaning against a wall with one of these on the sore spot. Working out knots is necessary but painful, so we love that these add some soothing heat to the process. Even better, you’re getting 2 in this pack.

Moji Heated Massage Balls 2-Pack, Save 44%


GLOW RICH Lighted Makeup Mirror

We’ve all made the mistake of applying makeup in bathroom lighting before realizing how different it is from natural light. Then you’re stuck commuting into work with clown-like blush applied and no makeup wipes in your bag to correct it. Never worry about the lighting difference again by snagging this handy makeup mirror. The lighting is more similar to natural light and you can adjust the brightness if you’re slow waking up in the morning.

Most of these mirrors will set you back a bit of cash, but this one’s affordable even before the Black Friday 2018 deals discount is applied. The mirror even rotates so you can easily get to the angles you need without maneuvering all over the place. We also love that this mirror automatically turns off in 15 minutes since we’ve been trying to cut down our morning routine. It acts as an easy timer so you stay on track to getting out the door for work on time.

GLOW RICH Lighted Makeup Mirror, Save 17%


Rose Quartz Roller

Self-care routines aren’t always soothing. Yes, taking off your makeup and applying products before bed certainly qualifies as self-care, but it’s sort of boring. Dial up the soothing part of the routine by grabbing a rose quartz facial roller. It will not only depuff those under eye circles and boost circulation, but it also feels like a spa treatment. Try storing it in the freezer for instant relief from tired, achy eyes at the end of a long day in front of the computer.

It’s also perfect for those mornings after a night out. Ease those under-eye circles and perk up your skin with a couple minutes of rolling. If you’re into crystals, rose quartz is also the one that’s supposed to support self-love (although this one also comes in jade). If you don’t, it certainly looks good sitting in your medicine cabinet and you’ll still love the skin-soothing effects.

Rose Quartz Roller, Save 12%

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Black Friday 2018 deals: The best beauty and health gadgets on Amazon