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This facial mist is the only product that balances my combination skin

I have very temperamental skin. If you do, too, you know exactly what I mean. It’s not that astringents or exfoliants bother it that much. Temperamental and sensitive skin are different things. It’s that anything can set off a bout of breakouts. Stress? You bet. A little too much dairy? Sure enough. I’ve tried just about every type of skincare to fix it, too. Half of them left my skin too dry — which lead to breakouts — and the other half left my skin overly greasy — which, you guessed it, lead to more breakouts. That is, until I found this Missha essence.

I actually discovered the Missha essence a couple years ago. At the time I was fully committed to the 10-step Korean skincare routine (and had the time to keep it up). It wasn’t clear to me how much this one product was doing for my skin because, well, I was using 9 other products. But the reviews were great, and I got it through Soko Glam, a trustworthy site for Korean skincare.

Fast-forward a couple years and there’s no way I have time for 10 steps in my skincare routine. I also don’t have the money to drop on that many quality skincare products. A couple great products that work double even triple duty on my combination skin is what I need. I rediscovered a couple extra containers of this Missha essence in my bathroom cabinet and decided to give them a go. This time, without the other 9 products.

What’s so great about this Missha essence?

Our skin has a microbiome, just like our guts. And, just like the one that keeps bloating at bay, the skin microbiome has healthy bacteria that you want to keep around. The problem is, harsh cleaners and skincare products kill off the good and bad bugs. That leaves a less than ideal environment on your face.

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Lesly Juarez

The Missha Time Revolution First Treatment essence is actually a fermented product. It contains 90% fermented yeast, which is the key to its ability to balance your skin in just a few short weeks. Since it’s gentle on your skin microbiome, you won’t notice any tightness. In fact, this Missha essence does more to keep my skin moist than most moisturizers I’ve tried. (But for treating the all-over dry skin that comes from hypothyroidism I use these products.)

In a matter of two weeks after a stress breakout, this Missha essence had cleared it completely. I was even using less of my moisturizer, since I didn’t need it. Ditto for my concealer, which I felt comfortable dialing down with the clearer skin.

Where to get this Missha essence

I’d love to say the best part was my clearer skin, but it might just be the price. Each bottle of this Missha essence costs a fraction of other high-end products but lasts for about a month. (I apply liberally in the morning and evening.) You can order it through Amazon Prime, too, so there’s no need to hunt down a Korean skincare shop to get it.

The super fine mist is also a gentle way to wake up in the morning. I’m convinced it helps the product sink into your skin faster, too. That means less waiting around for it to absorb before I can apply makeup in the morning. Overall, it’s a wonder product and a skincare game changer. I’m spending less money on moisturizer, getting ready faster, and feeling more confident in my skin. All for less than $25 bucks a month.

Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho