Drama-Free Food

A healthy, sustainable diet should be simple and today’s it’s anything but. Food labels are confusing and companies tried to get you hooked on fat and sugar. So where can you turn for healthy food and snacks that actually taste good? That’s where we come in.

DIRT not only reports on the healthy food and snacks in the grocery aisle. We also track down healthy restaurants and recipes. But we also know that every balanced diet has a little room for those treats that can’t be called healthy food and snacks. We report on those too, and give you strategies for working them into your diet

Healthy food and snacks with balance

The best weight loss diet is the one you’ll stick to. That’s why we also tell you about tasty treats. Giving them up forever in order to slim down is not a sacrifice you should have to make. We’ll do the legwork to find you the greatest eats to fit your lifestyle. All you need to do is buy the healthy food and snacks and enjoy them in a good balance with some indulgences.

Sounds good, right? Welcome to a weight loss diet that features both healthy foods and snacks and some fixes for your sweet tooth.